Studio Family Session | Calgary Photography Studio

You know I love outdoor family pictures. I truly do...but, sometimes, we just need a change. Sometimes, we need to simplify. A fresh and modern session like this is just the way to do that. In studio sessions, allow us to focus on the personalities and the connections more than ever. A blank canvas if you will. When your family is this cute, who wouldn't want to focus on all that beauty? 

So, if you missed the beautiful fall leaves, but are still hoping for some beautiful family photographs, think about a studio session. 

~ Dana :) 

Canyon Ski Resort Wedding | Calgary Photographer

This fall, I was fortunate enough to photograph the wedding of Jocelyn and Mac at The Canyon Ski Resort in Red Deer, AB. I had plans to take the group down a hill to the river, but it had snowed the day before and the hill was unbelievably muddy...making trekking down the hill to the river impossible. So, we did the next best thing. We hiked up the ski hill to where the fall colours were on full display. What a bunch of troopers this bridal party was!!! We even went over an electrified fence(eek!!! it was quite a shock to me!!). I love adventurous brides who are willing to chase after the sheep on the hill to get the best shots. 

I never feel good about narrowing down an entire wedding gallery into one blog's just so hard!! But, here are a few of my favourite shots from this lovely day. 


~ Dana

Okotoks Maternity Photography

I absolutely love having a studio. One of the best reasons is because it allows me to work with AMAZING people like make up and hair stylist Karli from Love and Colour. She can come in and pamper my maternity and new mother clients so that they can look and feel their best by the time they are in front of my camera. It also allows me to keep an ever growing wardrobe for my clients. This is also especially helpful for my clients who are expecting because not everyone wants to go out and buy a special outfit for their session, so I make it easy for them to just come shopping in my client. And, like in this client's session, we can do more than one look. 

The outdoor images were all shot within a 5 minute walk from my studio. It's nice to have such flexibility all in one location. After our more 'intimate' session, her 3 older children joined her to celebrate the impending arrival of their newest brother or sister.

I cannot wait to meet this little baby later this month. If you are expecting, I'd love to hear from you and help you book your day of pampering and creating beautiful imagery.

~ Dana

Apple Pies and Skateboards

Any session where I come home with an apple pie is a win in my mind ;)

An in home Adventure many people think that adventure sessions aren't for them because they aren't that ADVENTUROUS...but, here's the thing, every family's definition of adventure is different. Some like to go hiking in the mountains. Others like to stay home and play board games. Whatever you spend your Sunday afternoons doing is adventure enough for me! Especially if you are going to bake me a pie. 

This family belongs to the outgoing and lovely lady with a slight southern drawl, Christy Swanberg. She pretty much radiates sparkle and sass all at the same time. I wonder if that's a southern thing?

~ Dana