Big Camera Class

How to Shoot Your Family: A Photography Workshop for Moms

I know that lots of you have big fancy cameras that you secretly use in Auto and don't understand why the photographs are so crappy so you resort back to using your iPhone. Yup. I've seen you do it. Some of you have even been so brave as to tell me you do it. Well, I am super excited to be hosting an event this January to help you get that camera off of manual and finally take better pictures of your own kids.

In this two hour class, I will talk about all the different gear and WHY it is different. I will also talk about what gear you want to use for what type of shot. I will also demystify exposure for you and get you started on taking that big fancy camera off of auto and on to full manual. In the end, we will talk a bit about composition and where to begin looking to help make your photographs better.

This is a great class for moms and dads alike(even grandparents), but also a great class if you are a small business owner looking to improve your images for social media. I'll even start a Facebook group for everyone when we are done so you can help support each other to keep going!!


When: Saturday, January 16th, 2016 at 1:00pm

Where: Dana's studio in Okotoks

Cost: $100(+gst) **limited availability so act fast before they are all gone!

Must own a dSLR for this class.