This Little Light of Mine

I love my clients. 

I got a studio so that I could try new things...explore and play. Lots of other photographers kept asking me what my plan plan I'd say. I mean...I had PLANS but that was the plan--no plan. hahahahaha. Just to try and get back to my roots. Back to those days when I used to ask my clients to do things and I'd take risks that maybe wouldn't pay off, but maybe they would. I figured that now that I had years of experience behind me, I'd have a better chance of pulling off some of those risks. How's that for honesty? hahahahahaha. I often don't know what the outcome will be...for me, it is a journey. A process. And, we work through it together. And, in the end, the images are a collaboration. 

I am not a poser...I had to say that. I mean, I make teeny adjustments from time to time, but mostly, I give you a task and the 'pose' is a result of that. I felt the need to say that in light of a slew of comments on Instagram about one particular pose from this set. It made me chuckle because...not a pose. A cuddle. That's all ;)

I simply cannot wait to meet this wee little one.

And...if you check out the section of my website called 'For Photographers' you will see that I am teaching a class all about taking risks ;)