Living With Photographs | Okotoks Photography Studio

I am passionate about filling my walls with photographs from our travels and our life. So, when it came time to design a wall gallery for my studio, I tossed a number of different ideas around in my head before settling on what I am calling my 'website on a wall'. I wanted a way to show the visitors to my studio that displaying family photographs can be cool. 

I documented the process in a stop motion slideshow that you can see below. What we did was take the advice that we found on Pinterest about making paper templates from the Ikea Ribba Frames that we wanted to use. We had a couple of different ideas as to how to go about this, but this was by far the best solution. We did, however, make our first mistake with the templates. I assumed that the Ribba frames had not changed much over the years and used a couple of older ones that we already had as templates. They were slightly out and this tiny difference made us have to make a few adjustments when we went to hang the frames. It also meant that I am a couple of frames short of finishing. I just have to run in to Ikea to grab two more before the prints arrive. 

I know that people will wonder how much we spent on the frames and the answer is close to $600. And, they will also wonder how much we spent on the prints...close to $500(none of them were mounted...they were all simply photographic prints). So, as much as this was a 'budget' solution, it wasn't exactly a dollar store budget solution if you know what I mean. It also took us several days, so you can see the light change in the studio. I am awaiting on the prints to arrive from my lab. Once they do, I'll post the finished product. Until then...enjoy us setting it up.