A Truly Canadian Wedding | Calgary Wedding Photographer

I had the pleasure of documenting my first Hindu/Christian wedding over the Canada Day weekend this year. To me, it was the perfect way to celebrate Canada Day--seeing two cultures come together to celebrate family and love. You see the thing is, around the world, people really are mostly the same. They just want the best for their families and the ones that the love. The differences between us--these are the things we must celebrate and enjoy about each other. And, as a proud Canadian, I feel that our country does a great job of welcoming people from other countries, but, at the same time, encouraging them to maintain their heritage. 

The father of the bride remarked about how his children had all married different cultures--one daughter married a Ukrainian, his son married a Vietnamese girl and now his other daughter had married an Indian. He said 'imagine the grandchildren!!!' ;) but I thought to myself how CANADIAN is this? 

I want to say thank you to two lovely families who welcomed me, fed me, danced with me, and shared their amazing traditions with me. To the aunties who sat at my table....I promise to email you a link to the gallery so you can download all of the images! Here is a sneak peek...enjoy!