Canyon Ski Resort Wedding | Calgary Photographer

This fall, I was fortunate enough to photograph the wedding of Jocelyn and Mac at The Canyon Ski Resort in Red Deer, AB. I had plans to take the group down a hill to the river, but it had snowed the day before and the hill was unbelievably muddy...making trekking down the hill to the river impossible. So, we did the next best thing. We hiked up the ski hill to where the fall colours were on full display. What a bunch of troopers this bridal party was!!! We even went over an electrified fence(eek!!! it was quite a shock to me!!). I love adventurous brides who are willing to chase after the sheep on the hill to get the best shots. 

I never feel good about narrowing down an entire wedding gallery into one blog's just so hard!! But, here are a few of my favourite shots from this lovely day. 


~ Dana