Jack Graduates from Grade 9

You can tell that Jack is so excited to let his mom take these photographs. But, I don't care. So there. 

His style influence is Dev Patel. Can you tell? ;) Truly, he wouldn't let me cut his hair so...there you are :) At least he let me go into the dance which is more than lots of his friends let their moms do. The invitation said 'parents welcome from 6:00-7:00'. Of course it also said 'semi-formal', but I guess that there are multiple interpretations to both phrases.

But, in all honesty, my sweet boy has grown up into a very tall, sweet young man. I am so proud of him...not because he is so handsome(I mean--he is...come on)...not because he is so smart(trust me on this one, he is), but mostly because the friends he has chosen to walk through junior high with are all outstanding young men. Funny, sweet and caring young men who will no doubt remain his friends through to high school graduation. I feel like we will be seeing the same boys in his grade 12 grad photos and I love that about him. 

Grade 9 graduation means different things to different schools. To his school, it means that the grade 9's get a special day that includes a massive water gun fight--they fill a pool and let the kids fill their weapons from that....the teachers reportedly had buckets as their weapons. They then enjoy a bbq before coming home to change for the end of the year dance. Their school has two gyms. One of them is set aside just for grade 9's with snacks, 2 photos booths, a lounging area of couches, and general chaos. I shoved these awesome young men into the photo booths. They indulged me by wearing the props--most of the kids would not do this, but these boys ROCKED THOSE PROPS ;) Especially Jack with his tiara which he kept adjusting in his mass of epic hair. (he hates when I say epic so I added that in just for him).

These are some of the photos we took to remember the day....

To all of the mamas of little ones out there...take all the photos you can, but remember to take it all in as well. Stop and experience the moment from time to time. Because, in a blur that toddler will be almost 6' tall in the photo booth of his grade 9 graduation.

Much love to my sweet boy...watching you and your sister grow has been the greatest gift of my life.

~ Jack's mom

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