O Christmas Tree... | Calgary Family Photography


Absolutely the best way to end my busy season...with a session where the family let me be witness to the magic of Christmas through their little ones eyes. He wants a digger and a forklift. She wants a horse drawn carriage with Sleeping Beauty and Belle riding along. Such a special year this will be for these two munchkins.  Such a treat for me to watch them put up their tree. I couldn't decide...colour or black and white.

Back To School -- September Studio Special

We are TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL PORTRAITS in our house. Don't get me wrong--I actually love having them every year. Even if they are super cheesy. A few years ago, I decided to let my kids pick the backgrounds and their outfits. They do their own hair. And, then, when it comes time to buy one, we pick the cheesiest one for fun. That has been our approach the last couple of years.

But, I know that for many people, these portraits are important. I mean...I have a bazillion portraits of my own kids, so it is easy for me to dismiss the cheesy school picture. So, I had an idea. What if there was a more modern/less cheesy alternative? And, my September Studio Special was born.

So, a SPECIAL FOR THE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER, bring your kid to my studio after school to have a 5 minute photo session with me designed to get one awesome, modern portrait. Open to school aged kids only--the time limit would just make it difficult with little ones. 

too cool for school portraits special

$50(+gst) for the 5 minute session and ONE DIGITAL FILE!!! Additional digital files can be purchased along with some too cool for school product(or just regular old school prints). These are limited edition sessions available Mon-Fri for the month of September in my studio only. Wondering what the images might look like? If you aren't familiar with my work, my goal is to always capture more than just what you look like. My goal is to capture a bit of who you are. I did a 5 minute session with each of my kids and here are some of the results.

Contact me today to grab one of these limited spots!! And, spread the word!!! Stop the spread of cheesy school portraits!! 

Canada Photo Convention

Calgary Family Photographer (Photo by Dana Pugh) danapugh.com I have just come home from speaking at the Canada Photo Convention in Vancouver. While I was away, I received an email saying that Georgia needed a headshot for something. So, I knew that upon walking in the door, I would take her down into the studio and grab a shot or two. This, of course, will not do for the headshot. It's too 'artsy' ;) but...for me, her mother, it will do just fine. I can see glimpses of the baby she once was and the woman she will become and the freckles that will connect the two.

This was not the first time I have presented to an audience of photographers, but there was something unique about this conference. Throughout the 3 days, almost every one of the speakers contradicted another speaker. But, there was no bickering only head nodding. The community that has been created at this convention is unique in this industry(at least in my experience). We are all artists. We realized that there are no rules in art and what feels right or works for one person may not resonate with you and that's OKAY. This is your business, your art, and you get to make the rules that work for you.

I'll be honest and say that I have had a number of negative experiences in the industry over the last year or two. It has made me hesitant to spend time with photographers outside of my inner circle because I don't need the negativity in my life. What I need is support...it's what all artists need because being an artist is difficult in a lot of ways. And, at the heart of what I took away from these last 3 days is that supporting each other only makes the industry stronger.

I can truly say that I was overwhelmed by the number of people who came up to me to tell me how much they loved my talk. I was a bit worried as sometimes it seems that family photographers and wedding photographers are on different planets, but, the truth is, we can learn from each other. We can be inspired by each other. We can support each other. No matter which planet we are from.

~ Dana