Pricing For Success For Photographers -- Edmonton

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Edmonton, August 18th 4:30pm-9:30pm

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Pricing For Success | A Workshop for Photographers

danateaching I have been asked quite a bit to teach. It is something that I have dabbled in a now and again--depending on where I am at in my life and business. I've decided to do a bit more of it in the next year or so...

This image of me teaching was taken by my dear friend, Rebecca Chalmers, during a workshop in Abbotsford, BC. I was there recently teaching what I have titled 'Pricing for Success'...because, here is the thing...the portrait industry is having a bit of trouble now a days. Sooooooooo many photographers...decent photographers....who have no idea how to price themselves and, because of that, they are earning next to nothing. As an industry, we spend a lot of time focused on how to create, but very little of that creating has to do with our businesses and how to make them successful. And...artists are funny...the money kind of scares them. But, it shouldn't!!! You need money--not only for LIFE ESSENTIALS, but also to help fund creative projects that are burning deep within you. And, that time you spend away from your family is worth a lot. You need to get paid for the time you spend working on someone else's images because that time away from your kids means you are missing something...sometimes something big like a birthday party or first steps. And, sometimes something small, like being the one to nurse them through a fever or see them reach that video game high score. And, I know...because, in the blink of an eye, my son has all of a sudden become two inches taller than me. And, even though I am a very present parent, I feel like I missed a bunch of it. I'm a working mom. THAT is how life goes....but, if I wasn't getting paid a decent salary during that time I missed--I don't care how much I love my job--I would become bitter with it.

So, after hearing some terribly sad stories of financial distress, I have started trying to help other photographers put dollar figures to their goals. I have two workshops coming up for is in Edmonton, AB in August(finalized date will be available shortly) and one in my own studio in Okotoks on June 23rd from 10:00-3:00pm. If you would like more information about how to attend either of these sessions--or how to host one in your own city(I am totally willing to come to you!)...please fill out the contact form on my website.

I am passionate about photography, but I am especially passionate about photographers getting paid for their work. I also believe that photographers are better when they work together--not against each other. I'd love to chat with you about that :)

~ Dana


_S5C9020 I have struggled a lot lately with how to document my son. Partly, it's a schedule thing combined with an available light thing. He is either at school or a sanctioned event. If he is at home while the sun is still out, he is inevitably doing homework, reading a book or(most likely) on one device or another. It leaves me with very little documentary options....especially options when he is clothed because on the weekends, if we aren't out and about, he tends to lounge about in his underwear for a good part of the day. And, goodness knows that posting images of him in his underwear is not an option ;) Especially in light of his understanding that now, anything I post can be seen by anyone who googles him. Or me. He doesn't want his friends to see some of the more 'intimate' moments of his life...nor, does he want them to hear many of the stories I wish I could tell ;) And, I can respect that.

When I started out documenting my kids online, I never dreamed of how the online world would grow. I never dreamed that one day there would be entire online schools dedicated to teaching moms the 'best' ways to capture their children's lives. Or Instagram feeds showing the best of the best to 10's of thousands of other moms. I never dreamed that people would realize who I was by recognizing my kids...and that my kids might not like that. I never stopped to think about what I was doing at all, truth be told. Until the last couple of years that is.

And, now, if you want to learn how to use your camera, you aren't on your own. You don't feel alone...the way I felt alone. Well, that isn't entirely don't feel alone until your children hit about 8 years old. For some reason, in the online documenting of kid's sort of stops there. We see a lot of toddlers and babies, but very few tweens and teens. There is very little inspiration about how to go forward. Partly, because the new wave of momtogs(a word I detest but it aptly fits) has not had the time to see their children grow up yet. So, the momtogs of 7-10 years ago...if they are still, in fact, documenting their own kid's lives, are a drop in the bucket by comparison. So, here we are again...treading unchartered waters. With very little inspiration to draw on. That fact used to really hold me back. I kids aren't cute anymore ;) At least, not the way a 3 year old is cute. But, I still want to document their lives in a way that honours our experience without telling the whole truth behind it because that feels more sacred now. Like, as they develop into who they are, it is THEIR story to tell NOT mine so much.

With all those muddled thoughts in mind, I have been trying more earnestly to document my kids. Even if it means that I don't share the images with all of you. Because, in the end, they are for me. And, for them. But, I am hoping to share more now that I am getting my own head wrapped around how to document them my way. Here are two images of Jack from last night when he somewhat reluctantly agreed to let me do a 5 minute project with him as the subject. You can see the rest of them here: A group photography project I run with a bunch of awesome collaborators.

And, if you know of anyone documenting their teens and tweens in an awesome and authentic way...please leave the link in a comment somewhere as I'd love to see how they are managing.