Brand New Branding

I cannot tell you how many photographs I took of my new packaging and paper products. Calgary Family Photographer (Photo by Dana Pugh)

None of them felt right. I just couldn't get it. So I gave up. This was the last one I took.

Here's the thing about re-branding. It was a big decision for me. HUGE. I was going to lose all the work I had done in building up my Short and Sweet Photography brand. So, I wanted it to be right. Right off the bat.

So, I hired the wonderful Jane Johnson to handle my rebrand.

This is how it went. She has a process...forms to fill out, conversations, Pinterest boards. And, then, I go through a few steps and the products are done. Just like that. Seriously.

I was allowed to tweak it, etc...but, I honestly felt it was too easy. She couldn't get it right that quickly. So, I showed two of my very best photographer friends and both of them were blown away. They, too, were shocked at how quickly she got it right.

Then, I received all of the tangible products in the mail. I am just head over heels in love with everything. Sooooo...I can't take a picture to do them justice. This one will have to do. So...

Welcome to the new me. Dana Pugh. simply me. I am hoping that this marks the beginning of a new time of exploration for me. Where I begin to do more commercial work, more personal work, and more travel work. I'll still do the work I've become known for, but now it is time to spread my wings and fly a little bit further. I want to thank Jane and her team for helping me start it off right.

~ Dana