Friday's Favourites--Ned The Phone Monster


I was backer number 3 for this Kickstarter. Just saying...

I think this is an INCREDIBLE idea that my good friends at The Happy Family Movement have come up with. It's not that I hate technology.'s definitely not that. I truly think that we as a society are just in the 'learning how to deal with the invasiveness of it all' phase. I can see it in my friends and own family. The way the handheld devices affect us. And, if I'm totally honest, I have seen it in some of my family sessions. We all need to put down our phones more. Email can wait. Facebook can wait(it really can)...but your kids will not wait. They are getting older and you are missing out every time you check your phone. This isn't meant to guilt you...I know sometimes you HAVE to check it. But...sometimes you have to leave it behind. No job in the world pays you enough to be on call 24 hours a day. Okay...maybe being Beyonce...maybe that job, but there are very few openings. Why not make it a fun little game with Ned The Phone Monster. Because I call tell you that the best thing I have started doing is leaving my phone behind sometimes. It annoys my husband(and probably some of my friends) when it takes me a while to answer a text message, but I am truly not bothered by it ;) Patience is a virtue after all.

So...go support this awesome kick-starter and get your very own Ned. I can't wait to get mine!!!

~ Dana