Friday's Favourites -- New House Upgrades

10544347_10152280227502423_1225013507235971658_n So, in case you don't follow me on instagram or Pinterest, our latest big news is that we are building a new house. We are super duper excited(if not a little bit exhausted from all the decisions that need to be made). This past week, while in a meeting, we realized that we hadn't added our very favourite upgrade--the central vacuum toe kick under the kitchen sink. Now, I know that this isn't as exciting as what granite we picked or the light fixtures(OMG I love light fixtures), is without a doubt a necessary upgrade. We use that darn toe kick every day. I feel like it might just be one of the greatest inventions on earth. hahahaha. And, it is one of the only upgrades that both my husband and I wholeheartedly agree upon. If you are building a house, add one, and then think of me every time you use it ;)

And, in case you want to follow along with our new house shenanigans, I will be sharing details here on the blog, but also on Instagram and Pinterest. Find me on instagram as danapugh and Pinterest as pughville. What were your favourite house upgrades?

~ Dana


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