Friday's Favourites: Norquay's Tubing Park

norquay1norquay2 This week's Favourite happened today...that's how fresh it is ;) We went with some friends to Mt. Norquay's tubing park. It was way better than I was expecting to be honest. And, I can totally see why there is a minimum size requirement for kids--you get some serious speed(I believe you must be 42" tall and 4 years old). It's sadly a little hard to get big camera pictures so all you get are a few from my phone(how I would love to get in there with my big camera!!). As you can see, there is a magic carpet so you don't have to run up the hill. It is faster if you choose to run though. You can buy two types of passes--two hour or full day. I'm not sure that two hours is that much actually. For the slight price difference, I suggest making it more of a day and breaking it up with lunch. Getting up the hill and waiting in line takes enough time that I think two hours is probably not enough for most kids. And even though you might think all you do is go down the hill...the kids are very creative with how they do it. Singles, doubles, triples(that's the limit)...spinning, no spinning...bum up to get the most speed(that's what I was told anyways, but I can assure you that my butt was firmly heart was in my throat fast). A fun thing to do with the kids in the winter.

I hear there is one at Nakiska now, too. Wondering if anyone was tried it out and what their thoughts were.

Happy Friday,