Friday's Favourites -- Soda Stream


Okay...seriously. I had my doubts. To me a soda--in particular a diet soda(OMG I know the's okay, you'll get over it) is one of my favourite treats. And, my kids...well, we don't really let them drink soda at all actually. Trust me, I have heard the word 'hypocrite' dancing on the tongues of my overly bright 11 year old more than I'd like. So, the idea of buying a machine that would make soda more readily available to them(and to me) wasn't high on my priority list.

Then, a good friend of mine admitted to having one. I was shocked. Why? Why would you have one of these in your home? The answer surprised me. She said she just made sparkling water from her tap water and drank it on ice with a bit of lemon. It made increasing her daily dose of water so much easier. And, if your kids are going to drink pop, now you can TOTALLY control the sugar in it.

So, I caved and bought one. And, to be honest, I freakishly love it. It makes my boring water seem ever so fancy every day...and, it even has the kids tricked into drinking more water. I now buy lemons in bulk from Costco and make sparkling water a couple of times a day.

Here's a cool trick--you can turn wine into 'sparkling wine' least, that's what I've heard. I would never try that as the manual says ONLY WATER. ;) The only thing it took me awhile to understand was that when you are finished with a CO2 canister, you have to return it to the customer service desk at Walmart(or where ever you are going to buy a new one). They'll recycle the old one and give you a new one there.

Just a little something you might consider treating mom to this Mother's day. That is...if you haven't treated her to a session at my Pop-Up Studio in Calgary. There are still two spots left. I can't wait to meet all the moms and grandmas!!! Going to be a super fun day!

~ Dana