Just Be Yourself

I love Shel Silverstein. He was a favourite when I was a kid and I have bought all of his books for my own kids. We are currently redecorating their rooms and I keep thinking about framing one of his poems for Jack's room. Not this one, but I saw this on Pinterest today and it made me smile so I thought I'd share it with you all.

I've been thinking lots about what it means to be a portrait photographer lately. This is what I tend to do in the winter time. Reflect upon my own work as I don't work as much as the rest of the year so there is time for that. I know that for some people, it is simply about making their subjects look pretty--and, I agree that is important. Mostly because as I age I see the importance in photoshop tools on images of myself ;) and I know that no one likes to see a picture of themselves where they look totally awful. But, what I also know is that I want more than to look pretty. I want to see your blue. I want you to remove your masks...and I know it's hard, but I also know that it is so so worth it if we can work together and make it happen.

It is a process that doesn't happen quickly. There is a reason why it can't happen in a department store portrait and that reason is a simple one--time. Lots of other photographers like to spend time with you after the portrait session in sales and design consults. I like to spend mine during the session...I like to spend it in helping you remove your masks and showing me your blue. I think you can see that in my work...if you can see it and that is something you value, then I want to work with you :)

2013 is going to be a time for me to shed some masks. I'm going to be more myself. And, I'm excited. Most of 2012 was spent half awake, but something has happened recently and I feel more alive than ever. And, I am ready to embrace life and capture it along the way. Here's hoping you stick with me ;)

~ Dana