Lake Lot Love

I love these sorts of shots...All three kids in one frame doing their own thing. This session fed my soul and there are so many that I'd like to share. But, when I took this shot, I knew right as the moment happened that it was special :) People often ask me about how I get images like this. Here it is in a nutshell. I wait. I just let them do their thing and I keep releasing the shutter hoping that a great moment will happen. Does it take a long time? Yes. But, in the end, I think it is worth the wait. I love taking risks in photography. This is shot after sunset. We were pretty far north so the sky stays a little bit light for a long time, but it was getting dark in earnest. We were definitely almost done. I cranked up my ISO. I have no rules for myself about the ISO being too high. I'm not taking a perfect portrait. I'm taking a true portrait ;) And sometimes the truth's dark and my ISO needs to be cranked up ;)

So...which kid's little moment is your favourite in this image? Together, but separate...brothers. Taken at Cold Lake, AB.

~ Dana