Pool Party Sessions

So, everyone who's been following my blog knows that I have recently fallen in love with underwater photography. I know what you are all thinking....I live in Alberta. How much underwater photography can I do? Well...gosh darnit...I am going to try and figure out a way to do it as much as possible ;) Here are some samples from my recent 'pool party sessions' I offered. I would love LOVE love to do this again, so if you would like to get some unique portraits of your kids(or yourself), email me to get on a list for future potential dates. AND...if you are lucky enough to have a pool and would like me to come and do this for your friends and family--well, I would be happy to create a 'Pool Party' date just for you :) I have been lucky to already be invited out to some cabins this summer, but I'd love to visit you and your family at your cabin :) Pictures off your dock or our on your boat? Sounds like a great idea to me ;)

Thanks to my first bunch of adventurers!! For trusting me to create something unique for them...hope they like them(even the funny outtake at the end).

Summer is here! Let's go for a swim :)

~ Dana