Pricing For Success | A Workshop for Photographers

danateaching I have been asked quite a bit to teach. It is something that I have dabbled in a now and again--depending on where I am at in my life and business. I've decided to do a bit more of it in the next year or so...

This image of me teaching was taken by my dear friend, Rebecca Chalmers, during a workshop in Abbotsford, BC. I was there recently teaching what I have titled 'Pricing for Success'...because, here is the thing...the portrait industry is having a bit of trouble now a days. Sooooooooo many photographers...decent photographers....who have no idea how to price themselves and, because of that, they are earning next to nothing. As an industry, we spend a lot of time focused on how to create, but very little of that creating has to do with our businesses and how to make them successful. And...artists are funny...the money kind of scares them. But, it shouldn't!!! You need money--not only for LIFE ESSENTIALS, but also to help fund creative projects that are burning deep within you. And, that time you spend away from your family is worth a lot. You need to get paid for the time you spend working on someone else's images because that time away from your kids means you are missing something...sometimes something big like a birthday party or first steps. And, sometimes something small, like being the one to nurse them through a fever or see them reach that video game high score. And, I know...because, in the blink of an eye, my son has all of a sudden become two inches taller than me. And, even though I am a very present parent, I feel like I missed a bunch of it. I'm a working mom. THAT is how life goes....but, if I wasn't getting paid a decent salary during that time I missed--I don't care how much I love my job--I would become bitter with it.

So, after hearing some terribly sad stories of financial distress, I have started trying to help other photographers put dollar figures to their goals. I have two workshops coming up for is in Edmonton, AB in August(finalized date will be available shortly) and one in my own studio in Okotoks on June 23rd from 10:00-3:00pm. If you would like more information about how to attend either of these sessions--or how to host one in your own city(I am totally willing to come to you!)...please fill out the contact form on my website.

I am passionate about photography, but I am especially passionate about photographers getting paid for their work. I also believe that photographers are better when they work together--not against each other. I'd love to chat with you about that :)

~ Dana

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