May Online Mentorship Program

4 Week Online Mentorship


First two weeks cover all things related to Pricing: APRIL 30TH-MAY 11TH

In my pricing class, I will talk about what your time away from your family is really worth. We will examine what you need to be able to meet your financial goals while we take a hard look at your income and expenditures as they are right now. It's an honest look at how to create a business that has the possibility of success instead of constantly setting yourself up for failure. 

When you sign up for this class, you will receive:

  • daily recorded lectures for you to listen at your own pace
  • assignments created to go with each lecture to help you work through your own financial plan and create pricing that works for you
  • a private online group discussion during the course for you to ask Dana(and the others taking the course) your questions
  • the option to be added to a private Facebook group for alumni only. This group is a wonderful resource of talented professionals with experience and expertise to help you reach your goals. There is no point in creating an action plan, if you don't have the support system to help you follow through with it.

We will cover:

  • how many sessions can you really take on? 
  • expenses? how much? how little?
  • session fee + product vs all inclusive pricing
  • online or in person sales? What is right for you? Ways to increase your success with both. 
  • mini sessions? ugh. (hahahaha)
  • what products should you carry and how should you price them?
  • how much to charge for your digital files.

See what some awesome people had to say about the course HERE

The second two weeks will be all about marketing: MAY 14TH-25TH

I created the marketing portion of the course after I discovered that so many people had difficulty transitioning into sustainable pricing. I fully believe that a big part of why so many of us experience that difficulty is because we are focusing too much of our efforts in online marketing and not enough in getting out our communities and creating networks and buzz locally. The first week will be all about your online presence and how to improve it. The second week will be all about creating buzz in your community. 

We will cover:

  • is your portfolio curated to appeal to photographers or consumers?
  • great ways to look at easily improving your SEO
  • the importance of maintaining your clientbase--different ways to communicate with them to encourage them to help grow your business
  • looking for and recognizing great opportunities within your own community

During the course, we will run Mon-Fri with weekends off. Afterwards, you will be added to a private Facebook group full of alumni to help encourage and support each other. The price for the mentorship is $600 CAD(+5% GST). 

Registration now open.



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$600 Canadian(+5% gst)

The Uncommon Creative

I'm super excited to announce that I am speaking at The Uncommon Creative in Niagara-On-The-Lake next fall(2018). The location for this conference is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! And, being included amongst the line up seriously has me pinching myself. I am such a huge fan of Kristen Cook and Heidi Hope that I can't wait to be able to learn from them. I get to do a couple of things--first, I'll be doing two hands on classes demonstrating how I work with siblings PLUS I will be giving a Keynote Presentation on Defining Success on Your Own Terms. I'd love it if you'd join me there. Go HERE to learn all about it!!

It's great to see such an awesome learning opportunity for family photographers coming to Canada. 

~ Dana

Summer School For Photographers

This is it. 

I absolutely love teaching this class. I truly do. But, it is extremely time consuming and it's been hard for me to figure out a way to offer the class as a 'work at your own pace' option, but I think I have figured out how I'm going to do that and THAT will launch officially in the fall. Soooooo...this is the last class for the forseeable future where I will be there to help guide you. This is the last class group that will be allowed into the incredible top secret alumni group on Facebook(it really is the best place on Facebook and the main reason I haven't deleted my Facebook account). This is the last class where I will stick with you through the nitty gritty--nailing down what is going to work for you. 

What will the new class be like? Well, it's kind of a surprise, will be a part of a larger way I'm hoping to reach other photographers that will launch in the fall. I can tell you that there will be lots of fabulous photography content coming to this space--including a podcast, including private live chats, group mentoring, etc....and this class will be tucked in there somewhere in a completely redone 'work at your own pace' option.

If you want to read all about what the class offers, you can go to this blog post that explains it all.

If you are wondering how you are going to do it with kids in tow, I'll say this--the 'classes' are in audio format so you can listen to them while you are doing other things. I'll from time to time do a live broadcast, but it will remain in the group for you to revisit at your will. There is, of course, some homework...some number crunching and thought digging that you will have to do, but it's relatively easy to complete if you spread it out over the two weeks.

If you have any questions, just ask! If you have wanted to take this class and just haven't found the time to do it--NOW IS A GOOD TIME TO GET ON THAT ;) 

Class runs from July 3rd-14th. It is completed entirely online via a private Facebook group.



A Mailing List Just For Photographers's the thing...I want to create a mailing list for photographers so they can learn about all sorts of cool stuff that I have coming up. Here's the other thing...I'm not really a huge fan of mailing lists. I mean, on the one hand, they are kind of a necessary evil if I want to keep in touch with my 'people' outside of social media groups. On the other hand, I have added myself to a lot of lists and then been hugely disappointed at a) the sheer volume of emails that the person has decided to send out and b) the lack of relative information aimed right at me. So....because of all of this, I am making you all a solemn pledge that if you sign up for my mailing list for photographers, I will not constantly send you stuff. I will only send you stuff when I legitimately have stuff to tell you(like when I'm going to launch my podcast--eeeekkk! no really, you will want in on that). This is my way to help organize the community that I have begun creating--not a community of my clients, but rather a community of creatives and entrepreneurs who all have a lot of the same goals in mind. So, if you want to be a part of that awesome community, I want to encourage you to sign up here: that THAT'S out of the way, I have one little thing to announce. I am doing one last online class of my pricing course before it totally shifts to a different format(that's part of the reason for the mailing list). I'm calling it SUMMER SCHOOL and it will run from July 3rd through 21st. It will be your LAST opportunity to get in on my amazing alumni group in Facebook. For those that are wondering if you can do this class and have kids at home from school I have this to say--it's all audio clips. So, you can listen while you drive, while you sunbathe or....let's face it....while you do laundry. There is some 'homework' of sorts but it isn't all that hard, so you should be able to make space for it at some point in those two weeks ;) Soooooooooooo.....check back tomorrow when I launch registration as seats will be limited. 

Big changes on the horizon folks. Big changes. Good changes. Thanks for coming along for the ride!

~ Dana

The Milky Way Online Maternity Retreat

I'm so excited to share that I have been asked to teach underwater maternity photography in this cool online photography retreat with so many industry giants. What an honour to be included amongst their ranks. So, if you want to learn all about the gear I use for underwater, see an underwater maternity session in my local pool, and then watch me EDIT an image so you can see how I get those great skin tones in my underwater imagery, go get your name on the VIP list to learn more!!