4 Week Online Mentoring Program

Online Pricing and Marketing course January 22-February 16th, 2018

$600(+5% GST) ***Canadian dollars

Four weeks of getting your business into shape so that it works FOR YOU. Not to mention the amazing opportunity to network with other photographers who are also taking the step to create a more sustainable business. I fully believe that we are stronger together than apart. 

What will we learn?

The first half of the course will be my well known pricing class--with some new tweaks and additions. We will cover:

  • setting your own goals and making decisions based on what works for you and your business
  • examine what it really costs to run a sustainable photography business
  • an honest look at how many sessions you can take on and the barriers to filling your schedule
  • discussion about the varying ways you can price yourself and making decisions about which one works best for you and your business
  • a look at selling in person versus online and how you can maximize each one without coming across like a sleazy salesperson

The second half of the course will be all new content. It will be focused on marketing and setting yourself up to hustle to help build your business as quickly as possible. Over these two weeks:

  • we will actually dissect everyone's websites and marketing materials focusing on how better to market to potential clients by leveraging your differences
  • We will have look at what it takes to build a successful marketing campaign
  • we will create a marketing calendar to set us up for success for the year ahead
  • We will wrap by talking about how to increase brand awareness in your community 

If you feel like this is something that you would love to be a part of, but you are just not sure if we are a good fit, check out some reviews for my pricing course here. And, if you still aren't sure try finding our community on Facebook called Photographer's Revolution: Real Business Talk for Family Photographers. 

If you are ready to commit, pay the $600(+gst) nonrefundable course fee here: