This is my favourite image from our Christmas...Jack with his coolio outfit and his brand new Go-Pro helmet camera...which we are all itching to use while in Belize. Did you know we are going to Belize in 2013? Well, we are...and we can't wait!!! I've made some decisions about 2013...firstly, as much as I enjoy helping other photographers grow and learn, I will not be offering mentoring aside from the online mentoring I am offering this winter. I won't say 'no' for 2014 just yet, but it is something that I am going to let go of so that I can focus on my own growth for awhile. Soooo....that said...this is your last opportunity for awhile to learn from me. I am offering two classes.

Parent Class -- January 14th-February 8th $100(+gst)

Did you get a fancy SLR for Christmas? Want a wonderful way to learn the basics? Join me and a wonderful group of parents and grandparents while you learn the ins and outs of your camera and how to make it work for you. Here is the link to more information:


And here is the link to register:

Email Address


Online Mentoring for Professional Photographers February 4th-March 1st $300(+gst)

This is the perfect opportunity to regroup after the crazy fall season and create some meaningful and creative goals for 2013. To read all about what is planned go here:


The link to register:

email address

I would love to see some of you join us :) Feel free to leave questions in the comments or to email me directly at dana@danapugh.com

Happy 2013!

~ Dana