Sylvan Lake Family Session

Now that I have been shooting for almost 10 years, a lot of things are becoming a whole lot clearer for me. 

Perhaps the most important thing that I have come to fully understand is that I am not a photographer who is fully in charge of what your images will look like. I some ways, I TOTALLY am, least for me, photography is a collaboration. ALWAYS. You and I must come together and each of us must bring the goods. And, I don't mean props. I mean...THE GOODS. I need you to show up ready to laugh and play and love each other. And, I know from experience that it isn't easy for all families, but each family has a truth and a beauty that is special to it and that is what I am interested in seeing. I am not going to create some false idea of perfection for you. There are LOTS of other photographers for that. I am not going to use photoshop to take away all of the things you hate about yourself(please PLEASE stop assuming that is what we use photoshop for--it makes me want to SCREAM). Instead, I am going to use my camera to show you just how beautiful your life is despite all of that crap. Because it is crap...and, maybe I'm just spouting nonsense because I am particularly tired of editing right now. But, I don't think so...

This family is the perfect example of that...I know their mom was nervous to wear a bathing suit(I mean MY GOD PEOPLE she is AWESOME to put that fear aside and let me do my thing). But, this is their summer life...out at the cabin, catching frogs, boating and campfires mixed in with a whole lot of love and stuff. So, yes, this blog post is LONG, but it is only about 1/3rd of the images that they received(that's insane I know), but when people bring THE GOODS then I am inspired and you have to kick me out or I will stay all night...and my dog will pee in your house. And, my kids will cry because they didn't get to go out on the boat. And, I'll sit in the hot tub and ignore them. 

Note--NOT MY DOG in the images. 

A little summer fun on this snowy night....