Personal Work

Every year, I define some goals for myself as far as my work and my business is concerned. This year, one of the goals I set for my work was to elevate my underwater work. I had a few plans as far as that was concerned, but here's the thing that I have learned. BE FLEXIBLE. Plans are there to get me set in do the work, but sometimes the work will just show itself. I am not sure if that makes sense, but that is what happened this past weekend whilst shooting underwater in Jasper. Yes, Jasper. 

Yes, it was cold. Georgia might be cold blooded. True story. I, however, am not and when I first got in the water, I had trouble catching my breath. The sun came out though and made it bearable. Don't I make my job sound so romantic? hahahahahaha.

I will say this--Georgia is fast becoming the best child model ever. She takes incredible direction and has a strong desire for the best possible outcome. I work fast(because I am a wimp and cannot stay in that water), but she keeps up with me. And, this weekend--she killed it. So much so that I thought I'd share some of the images. Some new favourites for me. 

That last one might be one of my top 5 favourite images ever shot. I love it so very much. I have been sharing lots on Instagram lately, but this one just didn't work in a square crop, so I have only shown it here. 

~ Dana