Back To School -- September Studio Special

We are TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL PORTRAITS in our house. Don't get me wrong--I actually love having them every year. Even if they are super cheesy. A few years ago, I decided to let my kids pick the backgrounds and their outfits. They do their own hair. And, then, when it comes time to buy one, we pick the cheesiest one for fun. That has been our approach the last couple of years.

But, I know that for many people, these portraits are important. I mean...I have a bazillion portraits of my own kids, so it is easy for me to dismiss the cheesy school picture. So, I had an idea. What if there was a more modern/less cheesy alternative? And, my September Studio Special was born.

So, a SPECIAL FOR THE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER, bring your kid to my studio after school to have a 5 minute photo session with me designed to get one awesome, modern portrait. Open to school aged kids only--the time limit would just make it difficult with little ones. 

too cool for school portraits special

$50(+gst) for the 5 minute session and ONE DIGITAL FILE!!! Additional digital files can be purchased along with some too cool for school product(or just regular old school prints). These are limited edition sessions available Mon-Fri for the month of September in my studio only. Wondering what the images might look like? If you aren't familiar with my work, my goal is to always capture more than just what you look like. My goal is to capture a bit of who you are. I did a 5 minute session with each of my kids and here are some of the results.

Contact me today to grab one of these limited spots!! And, spread the word!!! Stop the spread of cheesy school portraits!!