Experimental Maternity | Calgary Maternity Photographer

I just read Austin Kleon's 'Share Your Work'...so, I went through my blog to see what I had actually shared and I came to this conclusion. I have to share more!! ha. I share one or two images on Instagram or Facebook and feel like I have shared the work, but I haven't---you know? There is still more to show. So. Much. More. So, returning to the blog to share the work...

So, this is from awhile back. I put out a model call for a maternity client willing to try anything and found this lovely lady willing to sit in a tub of milk. I mean--what the heck? hahahahaha...it was weirdly wonderful actually. The INCREDIBLE floral piece is from Fleurish in Calgary. They always do an amazing job. And, the dress is from my collection. I have begun a collection for pregnant mothers to choose from. 

This is a session where I tried things in the studio but I also tried things in post...fiddling with editing to see if I could find something cool. I had fun experimenting. Thought I'd share some of what I came up with.

~ Dana