East Village Junction | Calgary Family Photographer

7 years.

That's how long I've been photographing these girls for their dad. We have done all the things together--in home sessions where they drove their little battery powered car or swung in their hammock or decorated their Christmas tree. Mountain sessions where we just chased after their dogs. But, we had never done an 'urban' session and now that they are teenagers(or close enough anyways), I thought an urban session might be fun. So, we spent an afternoon hanging out at the locked up East Village Junction while their dad carried their purses and drank his coffee. And the oldest daughter's boyfriend rode his skateboard near by until we were finished. 

I know that I say this a lot, but...watching families grow...visiting them every year...that is a beautiful gift that my clients give to me. And, there is an ease that comes with using the same photographer every year...a familiarity that allows your children to really relax and just be themselves. It makes the whole experience a whole lot less painful--especially once they reach the 'teenage years' ;)