Family Photography Studio Session | Okotoks Family Photographer

Recently I heard that this mama is on the short list to be the next Canadian astronaut. go to SPACE people!!! So, I thought I'd share her studio family session from awhile ago. 

I think people have this horrible idea of studio sessions. Like it will be in some grungy room with tonnes of equipment so they will spend a great deal of time stressing over their children's behaviour instead of enjoying the photographic experience. My studio is not like that AT ALL. It is a natural light studio--meaning, big windows, white walls and bright, kid friendly decor that hides things like Lego and Playmobil. The result are modern, simple photographs that focus on your child's personality and the connection that your family has together. For this session, I suggested the parents bring along some of the children's favourite items. So, one child choose her blankie while another brought his hockey stick(how Canadian is that? he even sleeps with it). There is never a rush--if a child needs to take a break to play with a pirate ship, we take a break to do that. If someone needs to go potty, there is a child friendly bathroom. And, if they need snacks, I've got you covered there as well. So, don't think of this as a studio photography session--think of it as visiting a friend who will take some sweet photographs of you all!! It's a nice alternative to going outside on those crappy days or for families who want a more modern look to their family photographs.

And--a little heads up for all of you local people!! My birthday is coming up and I will be having a HUGE SALE on both studio and on location sessions. If you are planning on a session with me this year--this will be the time to book, so WATCH FOR IT!!!


~ Dana