Baby Studio Session | Okotoks Photography Studio

There is always such a rush to get maternity and newborn photographs. And, for good reason. Those moments are fleeting. They rush by in a blur of doctor's appointments and sleepless nights. A baby is only a newborn for such a brief window, that many people actually miss getting those portraits. They don't realize that newborn photographs are best booked by due date so that they can be sure to leave space for them before the moment passes them by. If you are an expectant mother looking to book a professional photographer, it is best to contact a photographer before you hit 32-34 weeks. This way, you can take advantage of any maternity photography specials that they'll offer to their newborn clients. Maternity photographs best happen at 32-34 weeks. You can also get in their schedule for your newborn session. They'll give you information on how to prepare for that session ahead of time, so that once baby arrives, preparation for the session is at a minimum.

All of that said, 6-9 month portraits...those are my favourite. This is how you will remember your baby. The big happy grins, the chubby cheeks, and the pure joy at just being with mom and dad. I'd like to say that you'd be better slept, but the truth is, you'll probably just be better at managing your lack of sleep. You'll be hitting your stride with parenting and these moments are worth capturing for your family just as much as those itty bitty newborn toes. Many photographers offer 'first year' type of packages for their newborn clients. If this is something that interests you, please ask!!! All of my newborn clients are eligible for a 6-9 month session in studio for a flat rate of $500(+gst). That includes the session and the digital files. I thought today, I'd share with you a sample of what one of those sessions looks like. This is wee baby Wren and her amazing parents. I have photographed this family starting at their wedding all the way through to these portraits. They are what I call one of my 'legacy families'. Watching families grow is one of the greatest joys of my life. 

So, bring my all of your babies!!! I'd love to see them in the studio or in your home. Contact me for more details. 

~ Dana