Calgary Small Business Photographer | Branding Photography

Naturasoy is a candle company located in Okotoks, AB -- not far from my photography studio! I have one of their man candles sitting right on my desk because I love the smell of it so much. I know I'm not a man, but MAN OH MAN it smells awesome!!! Their owner, Colleen, is an inspiring female entrepreneur, so when she asked me to come in and document their candle making process, I was super excited!!!! I spent the morning with them taking some documentary images of their candlemaking process, as well as, taking some time to create some branding images for them.

Small businesses today need lots of images for their website, as well as social media. I truly think that it is best to work with one photographer so that you can create a consistent look to the images. Plus, it allows you to collaborate with another creative, small business owner who is also trying to navigate the fuzzy waters of this new media world. I'd love to work with other small businesses who would be interested in a collaboration.