At Home Engagement Session | Okotoks Photographer

At home sessions are always my favourite--for a number of reasons, but mostly because people feel the most comfortable when they are in their own space. Also a bit because the space that you create to live in says a lot about who you are as a family. 

This is a special family to me. I became friends with this mom right about the same time as when she was embarking on a new journey of being a single mom. She launched a ridiculously successful business (Rebel Bean Coffee) and was doing just fine on her own THANK YOU VERY MUCH when she made the fateful decision to hire this really great guy named, Chris, to build her a fence. Things after that are, as they say, history. They are getting married in the new year, but to celebrate their engagement, I knew we had to include the fence that brought them together. And, as any single mom will tell you, when you marry her, you marry her kids--so, it's more than just an engagement session. It was their first session as a family. With their cat and their brand new little puppy, their backyard was the perfect location. 

I just want to add that I have never seen a groom to be who just could not for the life of him stop smiling. These two are just ridiculously in love and ready to get married. It is a beautiful thing to witness. I cannot wait until their wedding day.

Some big love to start the week off right :)

~ Dana

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