Lake Minnewanka Family Adventure Session

I’ve been thinking a lot about what people tell you is the ‘right way’ to photograph a family. It might surprise many of my clients to know that there is discussion around the proper number of images to show a client—for example….and that I fail miserably at that by all standards. I promise that I am trying desperately to get better…to truly narrow things down and only show images that I truly love. The problem is….well, my Adventure Sessions aren’t much like other photographer sessions. I want the images to both tell a story in a way, but to also truly capture portraits of who you are…and, when the adventure happens in an epic location like Banff National Park…to also share that epicness. The goal for me is far beyond just a ‘family portrait’…it’s truly so much more than that for me. With these sessions, I give my clients a piece of my heart. Truly. The images created from Adventure Sessions are a huge piece of my life’s work. Images that show more than what you look like.

I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately…all of that…and making some decisions about 2019. A new website is coming(any day really…it’s been almost ready for months so it is time to just FINISH IT ALREADY) and a new way of doing things. I can’t wait to share it with you all. For now…a fun little slideshow and some images for those who are too lazy to watch the slideshow ;)

What I love most about this session is that there is no pretense…this is them. Truthfully, it was kinda cold…so we just went with it. We took a break and had a snack in their camper van. We mostly just walked and explored and had a fun evening in the most beautiful of settings. Soooo…here’s a sample of what they got. The slideshow is about 1/3 of the images we created together.

Only very limited space left for 2019…contact me now if you are hoping for a session.

~ Dana