Backyard Adventure Session | Calgary Family Photographer

Why have an at home session?

This is something I have been talking about since 2007. So, 12 years!!! Wow. At home sessions are a wonderful way to document your life in this moment. Kids rooms change and grow with them and, as many of my clients tell you, I always make an effort to document kids in their rooms. For the families that I have seen over and over again, this has provided them with a wonderful collection that shows not only how their child has grown, but how their room has changed as well. If only I had a photograph of the room I shared with my sister—complete with pink shag rug and daisy wallpaper. Sometimes with a masking tape line running down the centre which we dare not cross for fear of retribution.

It’s also a wonderful environment for small children who don’t like to sit still. This gives them the opportunity to have their photographs taken in a space where they are comfortable. It can be intimidating meeting a photographer—especially when they have a large camera. People sometimes feel like they have to perform(especially children). Being in their own home allows small children to take their time to warm up to me while they show me their favourite things and we play with familiar toys.

An at home Adventure Session means we spend time together focusing on some of your favourite activities. This allows me to capture some more ‘documentary’ type images while also taking kids aside for a few portraits as well. This family wanted to keep things super casual. We had a fun evening together just hanging out before supper in mid-October. They had such a cute house—filled with character. And, their children showed me the ropes…

I’m taking a limited number of Adventure Sessions in 2019 and space is filling fast. If you are interested in a spot, please contact me sooner rather than later to discuss the details.