Khao Sok Lake Adventures -- Part Two

After I posted part one, the most commonly asked question that I got was about how I travel with my gear when we take adventurous trips. Honestly, I have insurance and I’m not emotionally attached to my gear the way that some people are…in fact, I am pretty abusive to it at times(hahahahaha—we are in an abusive relationship). It is a tool to me and if something happens to it, I just replace it. I am pretty careful—I travel with a chainmail bag that I can put my gear bag in and I lock it to the toilet in some places. It’s not going to get stolen on my watch ;) I also travel with two bodies on a big trip like this—one that I use primarily for underwater and a backup. The other that is my primary, day to day camera. I try to minimize my lenses by making choices ahead of time based on the type of travel that we are going to do. But, I also bring lots of memory cards, portable harddrives and my laptop(which is old and totally abused as well). This trip we tried to pack as minimally as possible, so my gear went in a regular backpack that we could carry on a plane. In fact, we might have split it up into two backpacks at times. And then, each person had their own backpack for their belongings. We don’t travel with suitcases typically. And, we really plan our wardrobe so that we are bringing as little as possible. Especially to a hot location like this one. In Thailand, we hired laundry services so we didn’t have to spend anytime doing our own laundry. They were a few dollars every time. I’d argue that they were a little rough on our clothing, but we don’t travel with anything too fancy, so no big deal.

I am actually a little disappointed with my work from this trip…I mean, it’s fine, but when you see it as a whole, I feel like stuff is missing and that bums me out. I think I was needing a break and got lazy at times…which is perfectly fine, but two years later, it makes me sad for the things that I didn’t capture. All of that said, the reality of a big trip like this is, I typically take thousands of photographs over the 3 week time frame. And, in the end, when the book is complete, there might be 200 that get put in the book. I have already framed a number of the images and put them up around my house, so the quantity doesn’t really matter as much as getting those shots that sum it up for you—and, that was accomplished. You know?

So, here are the rest of the photographs from Khao Sok…Enjoy!


What should I post next? The elephant adventure? hmmmmm….