Because I Love It -- Teenage Bullrider

Earlier this year, I decided to focus on a couple of different personal projects. One of them has the working title ‘Because I Love It’ and it’s a project about teenagers and the hobbies/activities that they love. This young man, Holden Atkinson, agreed to be my first subject and I got to go ‘backstage’ at a rodeo documenting him and his friends while they did their thing. It felt great to get out and photograph something just for me and I am super excited to start sharing more of these little projects(and photographing more—so, if you know of someone who would like to participate, please have them reach out).

Eventually, this will be a diptych project, but I thought it would be neat to show you the series of images that lead to the eventual diptych(two closely associated photographs put together).

So, here’s Holden…go check out his Facebook page here:

This is such an important step for me—moving out of my comfort zone and photographing something that, although inspired by my own kids and their love of their past times, has truly nothing to do with either of them. I feel like I’m all grown up now…stepping into a different arena of photography entirely. And, it’s exciting!