Out On The Farm

I always feel like each of my family sessions are unique to the family featured in them. And, every family is so unique that maybe there lacks a certain ‘flow’ to my portfolio when my goal is to simply capture them as they are in that moment. At times, I have definitely struggled with that lack of consistency and worried about what my peers might say, but right now, I am embracing that. I see it as a reflection of my ability to truly see people and reflect their uniqueness back to them in my own quirky way.

So, this family is extremely unique…sometimes they live in town…sometimes they live on the farm. This little girl has a half brother(and another half sibling on the way) plus step parents and a strong network of friends that feel like family(or at least that’s the sense I got from the time I spent with them). So, for me…the very last image is super special as it shows this little girl sitting with her half brother while her mom adjusts her hair and her step mom adjusts her half brother because IT TAKES A VILLAGE plus TEAM WORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK. I kinda love that image as an example of modern day family. The things that stick out about a scene in front of you is what makes each photographer’s vision important. Like the ‘mystery box pick with eyes closed’ image. Or the one of mom and daughter in the kitchen(mom is an amazing cook—she turned me on to making my own pickled red onions for which my family is forever grateful). So, during a session when I am chatting with you and asking all sorts of curious questions…it’s really just my way of getting to know what’s important to you…without necessarily coming right out and asking that question. I just like to see what you are going to show me and somehow incorporate that into the images I create.

The mom in this image is also my friend and fellow photographer, Ash Nayler. Make sure to go take a look at her amazing work as well. And, if she ever offers to cook you a meal out on the farm—do not hesitate to accept.