Toronto Family Session

I took a bit of a breather in the first half of the year. I’ve been in business since 2007 and busy raising my kids so ‘a breather’ has never really naturally happened and I just felt like it was time. My goals for my work were to sit back and evaluate what it was that I truly wanted to do going forward. I was niave to think that I’d have all the answers in a few short months, but I did come up with a some of them. And, for now, that will do!!

One of the things that I was sure about was that I wanted to move more towards more Adventure Sessions. This is where my heart is…capturing families as they are…typically where they live…all the while showing their true personality. While I can appreciate the loveliness in a very curated photography style, I felt that by moving that way, I was sacrificing a family’s personality and forcing them to fit more into some imagined style I had in my head. It wasn’t working for me—much like fitting a square peg in a round hole. I just wanted to show the families who hired me exactly how beautiful their life looks. This session in Toronto is a recent session that just felt like all of that for me. Old school Dana Pugh.

It’s funny because it has occurred to me that if one’s own vision or ‘photography style’ is as unique as say a thumbprint(and I would argue that is true), then it would also mean that becoming more comfortable with yourself, would bring you more comfort with your vision. I am feeling more comfortable in my skin that I ever have…which is maybe why I just want to be me in my work. More than ever before.

So, THANK YOU to this family for braving the parking/driving situation in this part of Toronto(during a baseball game which I didn’t realize when I suggested it) and for just showing up with their hearts as their true selves. Even if dad is wearing his ugly runners that mom was mortified to realize upon starting ;) Even if some of the street shots have complete strangers in them(I actually kind of love that about those images, but I did secretly edit out a person or two). Your kids just came as themselves and showed me their awesomeness which made my job super easy.

And, OH…the mom in this session is also a photographer. Check out here work here:

Make sure to scroll through all of the images because the ones at the end are all the heart eyes for me :)

Enjoy!! I still have room for a couple of Adventure Sessions before Thanksgiving if you are thinking this looks like something your family would be up for!

~ Dana