Balls In The Air

From this morning...I said their sneak peek would be later on in the week. I said it would be the one with the sheep(ha--true story, there were sheep). But when I was uploading the images and I saw these ones, I had to do it. It's true that this is from a 'newborn' session. Clearly, not the baby :) Not anymore at least...he is just the definition of two year old joy in these.

I don't think I ever did blog their whole session from last year, but I'm pretty sure that at least one image is in my 'family' portfolio. Love visiting families over and over again...watching them grow :) One of the best things about my job for sure.

I feel like there should be more fall leaves in the images on my blog...I'm sure there will be one day :)

Only a handful of sessions left in October. Just saying...

~ Dana