Camping in Kananaskis

I have always had a 'bucket list' of sessions that I wanted to do. A camping family session is definitely one of them. I knew this family had a cool red Boler, so I suggested a fall session out in Kananaskis with their red Boler in tow. Last night on Facebook, my good friend, Nashville photographer Mandy Johnson, posted that she had a wish to do a camping session. I got to thinking how I never had shared this session. I also got to thinking about how lucky I was to have clients who are willing to do stuff like this. Stuff that is outside the box. Stuff that requires a wee bit more effort than simply getting dressed and showing up. I think it was worth it :)

That was the biggest share I've done in awhile :) If you are camping in Kananaskis this summer and would love to have your family photographs done while you are out there, just give me a shout. I'd love to do it for you.

~ Dana