Christmas Carols and Cookies

This was my fourth trip to visit this wonderful family. It was the mom's idea to do a Christmas-y session. We were laughing about how her neighbours probably think she is a bit crazy for having two(yes, two) Christmas trees already up and decorated. But, hey...she's all done now and she can just focus on having an amazing holiday season with the people she loves :) We listened to Christmas carols, played in the snow, cuddled with Papa while he read us 'The Night Before Christmas' and toasted with a bit of Champagne. It was a wonderful way to spend an is a wee sneaky peaky.This last picture is of mom and her grandma. It has become one of my most(if not my most) liked photo on Facebook. Sometimes it is hard to convince our grandparents to get in the picture, but always so SO worth it...

After I posted that picture, the mom sent me a lovely email. I especially loved this piece of what she said:

I know that each of these 'memories' you take are creating a journal of my little girl's past. Does that make sense? I think I know the kind of young woman she is going to grow into - and I love that she will have a visual narrative to help make sense of where she came from.

How lucky am I to be a part of this family's narrative? Pretty gosh darn lucky.

~ Dana