Delhi Day 2

Today, I spent a good part of the morning arranging to go to Agra tomorrow to see the Taj Mahal...I left it a bit late and there were no train tickets to be had :( I did, however, manage to find a driver who agreed to take me, so tomorrow the Taj Mahal :) Then, I hired a rickshaw driver for the day for 500 rupees(about $10 Canadian). He took me to all his favourite places and argued over whether or not I should be allowed(as a lone woman) to go to Old Delhi. In the end, I humoured him only because I plan on trying to coerce a male classmate to accompany me to Old Delhi on the last day :)...These are all of my favourite pictures from the day. If anyone out there can tell me where each image was taken, I will send them a $10 iTunes gift card.