Epic Greek Wedding

I couldn't decide what to call this post--but the word 'epic' kept running through my head. EPIC bridal party. The priest even mentioned it was the biggest party he'd ever seen. Epic couple--I mean RIDICULOUSLY good looking with incredible fashion sense. How lucky am I? I know that people will want to know about her head piece as I have already had a couple of people ask after I posted an image on Facebook. She had it made at Couture Gown Studio. I think it is maybe one of the most beautiful head pieces I have seen. And, it so suited her. There were a lot of speeches at their reception...and, there was a theme to them...this couple has come through quite a bit since they met and fell in love. At one point, one of the bridesmaids said that she knew that they were perfect for each other because she knew that the bride would never settle for less. I might have cried when she said that...I might have cried when their little girl joined them to walk down the aisle...would you blame me? Thank you to both of them for trusting me to capture their day for them.