Calgary Family Photographer (Photo by Dana Pugh) I have been photographing families professionally for over 7 years. In that time, I have learned one important thing: all you need is love to make up a family. There are truly all kinds of families and they all are full of love, wonder, trust, and chaos. And, whatever unique brand of chaos defines your family is worth celebrating(most of the time-ha).

I rarely show the family images from a wedding. They are, after all, usually not very creative or interesting. I'm not saying they aren't important because I do think they are amongst the most important of the images taken that day. I am making an exception today and showing you this image. Whilst editing this wedding, I was struck with how antiquated the traditional idea of family has become. This is a family where the parents of both brides are divorced and remarried. Everyone got along...whether it was just for the day or if they are always that awesome, I'm not sure. Families, afterall--divorced, married or otherwise--are nothing if not complicated emotionally ;) But, they all celebrated the union of two people who are so perfect for each other with joy and enthusiasm.

In this picture, we have two brides, one sister of the bride, one mother of the bride and one step-parent of the bride. Girl Power. And, the modern family. All you really need is love people.

Those are my mushy thoughts for today,

~ Dana