First World Problems

I'm sure I've shared some of these images before, but I know that some of them will be new...I've been thinking a lot about my friends in India lately. Mostly because I am creating a little parcel to send to them, but also because Christmas is coming up and I am having a hard time wrapping my head around all of the excess this year. My kids will get more on that day than these kids in India will get, well, ever. That is a tough concept to wrap my head around. Even as I wrote it I thought to myself 'oh don't be so dramatic'...but, then, I started to think about it and the gifts my kids have got in previous years...and, well, EVER is right. How do I even begin to put together a parcel for them? We have bought some Lego and some books and some art supplies(the boys LOVE to draw), a small photo album of my time there, as well as a jump drive of the images. Even putting in the jump drive seems weird because I know that they don't have a computer, but I know that if they have it, they will find a way to access them :) And, I remember sitting in their home and looking at their photo album with their few precious photos and some of them were water damaged. I want to give them prints, but I want them to have a back up just in case. As the holiday season is upon us, I truly hope that everyone will take a moment to stop and be so grateful for the incredible life we have here in Canada. Maybe take a moment to pick up some extra groceries for the food bank...or a couple of AMAZING toys for Toy Mountain. I know that even the smallest things can make someone's day...spend some time this holiday season focusing on that. I know that the Lego we are sending isn't much, but I also know that it will make them incredibly happy...

I love the light on the last one of the momma knitting...and her bracelets. When I think of her, I think of those bracelets.

~ Dana