Forever Like That

The title is also the title of a fabulous song by Ben Rector....I have been thinking of the lyrics a lot lately. You see my 12 year anniversary is on Sunday. I'll be celebrating by photographing a wedding. Which seems to me a lovely way to spend the day. This is another couple for whom I get to witness their wedding this winter. We spent a lovely evening together recently...these are the images we came up with.
I love the way her nose crinkles when she smiles so I had to include one. I just had to. I thought to myself--that's the way her friends see her. The picture beside it...yeah...that's the way he sees her. Or maybe he sees her both ways ;) Either way, his love for her is so sweet. So sweet that it made me think of this Ben Rector song.
I wanna love you, forever I do. I wanna spend all of my days with you. I'll carry your burdens and be the wind at your back. I wanna spend my forever - forever like that.
~Ben Rector

I so love photographing couples. I'd like to do it more, an anniversary coming up? Want pictures of your parents? I'm going to have an awesome awesome special next week in celebration of my own anniversary. Watch for it ;)

~ Dana