Friday Favourites - Monkey Mountain

We are a family that loves board games. Bob has no problem letting the kids win(just saying), but I am not one of those parents who let their kids beat them. Over the years, we have grown quite a collection of games. Some of them take a very long time to play and when the kids ask, we GROAN knowing that the game will take hours. But, when they want to play a quick game or two of something cool, our most recent choice has been Suspend by Melissa and Doug. Our kids alway compare it to an artist we saw in a Cirque show once. It is a quick, fun game to play when you don't have time for Monopoly or Risk ;)


Our favourite store to shop for games is by far the toy store in Okotoks called Monkey Mountain. They have an incredible selection of board games, not to mention an incredible selection of just about anything cool and unique. They are also super helpful and will bring in a toy if you can't find it. And, super fast shipping should you want to order from their website. Which if you do before May 1, 2014, you can use the code SHORTSWEET14 to get $10 off a minimum $50 order. There is a limit of 1 coupon code per customer.

And, if you are one of those sneaky Calgary people who come out to Okotoks to shop at our Costco(don't think we don't notice), you should definitely head downtown and check out their store. If you are looking for some Easter treats, they have these super cool Playmobil Easter eggs. A great alternative to chocolate(or addition). Make sure to check out their Facebook page for cool contests and promotions.  And, while you are there, if you are lucky, you might get a discount card for your next session with me in your shopping bag ;) Just saying...

Happy Friday!

~Dana :)