Friday's Favourites--Village Ice Cream

Village Ice Cream Calgary

For a good long time, my favourite ice cream cone ever was this amazing soft serve ice cream cone I had in Denmark when I was 16 years old. My travelling companion had purchased it because she thought the dark sprinkles were chocolate. Luckily for me, they were in fact salted black liquorice. If you know me at all, you know that I am a liquorice fanatic. The way the salt mingled with the ice cream and the liquorice. It was pure heaven. Add in to that the fact that I was in Denmark...and you get my very favourite ice cream cone. Until now.

This week, after a crazy session(which I promise to share later), I suggested that we meander over to the Village Ice Cream shop downtown. I had heard the rumours of it being incredible and I am happy to say that it surpassed the hype. I indulged in the salted caramel with a waffle cone. My advice is--GET THE WAFFLE CONE. I think the cone was what made it. Simply the best cone I have ever had--worth the extra dollar. The salted caramel was utterly divine. I would have tried the 'earl grey' but they were sold out. Next time ;) This has become a must stop destination for me the next time I am downtown with my kids. I like to think that we are raising mini foodies--especially Georgia who has extremely expensive food tastes. They will go crazy for this place I'm sure. We actually make our own ice cream and are pretty picky about ice cream we purchase. This ice cream is the real deal for sure. And, now that warmer days have arrived--I suggest you all take a trip down to the Village Ice Cream Shop.