Home Sweet Home

From the mom:

We chose to do these photos because we really feel like our kids are in the sweet spot of our family life. No more babies, but not independent enough to be off on their own. We enjoy our time together as a family. We love to travel as much as we can, and are at a point where things feel really good being us. It was important that these photos were done in our home and our yard, as this has been our family home and may not be for much longer. We are ready to embark on a new journey....to enter the next step of our children's life where they are going to become independent, find out more about themselves as a person, and as parents we hope to give them the best opportunities to grow into good people that will do good things for this world. But for this moment, they are still ours, safe, innocent, and able to enjoy the simple things....like a fire in the backyard, hanging out in the tree fort, and being loved by their siblings, mom and dad.

I like to play 'spot the cat' with these photos...so hard to narrow this session down. I think their gallery had well over 150 images...I stayed so long...had a glass of wine and walked away feeling like I had made new friends :) Love that...

~ Dana