Kicking Horse Family

This is a Kicking Horse family. They were married at Kicking Horse...they have a cabin there...a place where they love to go with their friends and family to do the thing that you do at Kicking Horse--SKI. So, it only made sense to have their session there. We started out at the cabin...typical pre-ski morning before we headed up the gondola for the boy's first trip down from the top. Then, we came home for some lunch(macaroni and cheese from the crock pot). I decided that one thing is for certain--I have NEVER had such a good workout at a session ;) Before I do the next one, I have to practice getting up on my snowboard with my 20 pound backpack on. Thank goodness they all skied and were kind enough to carry the bag for me. As a family that skis, I look at these pictures and think how nice it would be for us to have some like that. I never take the big camera with me up the hill...but, we are headed out this weekend as well(off to Panorama--our kids love it there). Think this time I'll take the big one with me. Especially if it's sunny. Love that snow and blue sky :)

~ Dana