I set out trying to accomplish a photo a day project in May...well, it didn't happen. What did happen was life got in the way. That is usually my excuse, it's true, but this time I mean it. A couple of weeks ago, I phoned my mom to find out how a minor medical test went for my niece. My mom started talking like I knew what was going on...there was some confusion as I worried for my niece...until my mom said, 'didn't you talk to your sister? It's dad.'

Before I knew it I was rushing up to Edmonton...worrying about being so far away from my family when something so major was going on. What unfolded was two weeks of back and forth. Two weeks of worrying and wondering and hoping. Two weeks of so many amazing phone calls, emails, & Facebook messages from friends, clients, & family members offering help in the form of groceries, lawn maintenance, prayers, and visiting breaks. Truth be told, we have all come out of it a little exhausted I think. But, two days ago, my dad sat up in the ICU and was aware. Worn out from his fight, but very much on the upswing. Yesterday, he was even more alert and we were told that he would soon move into the regular ward. I don't know how to tell you what a huge miracle we feel this close he came to death more than once in the last couple of weeks. What I have learned from this experience is that life is truly worth fighting for...the life you want. When you see someone on the verge fighting for another shot at makes you realize that you need to be living the life you love. If you aren't, then what are you waiting for?

At one point, early on in it all, we told him no more flying. For my dad, who loves to travel, you would think this was a blow...but he has seen the world--lots of it. So, he simply said, there are lots of places we can drive. Being a fan of travelling and currently fighting the constant travel bug, that really hit me. There are always new things to what are you doing sitting on your butt? Get out there and see them...Embrace life...

I just wanted to type a quick life update as my blog has been super duper silent. Now you know why. To the many people I have yet to email or phone back...I'm slogging away and trying to get through it all today and tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.

here's to life!

~ Dana :)