Love. No Matter How You Say It.

They met at a basketball tournament in Melbourne, Australia. He lives there. She's from Edmonton. Both of them knew right away that there was something special between them. When I asked them to give me three words that describe their relationship, she started out with longevity because they survived being separated for so long. He said(get ready to swoon ladies) lovey. Which he then further described as 'full of love'...which only makes girls gush even more. And, then they ended with sweet. Longevity. Lovey. and Sweet. This was an interesting session for me because both of them are deaf. Anyone who knows me knows how completely chatty I am. Plus, I like to talk to my subjects while I photograph them. Well, this wasn't possible this time around...but, we worked it out. Because they are deaf, they wanted to include the sign for 'I love you' somehow. The middle picture is what we came up with. And, you know what I learned? I learned that sign language is different in Australia...and that difference is why they met. She decided to try and learn some Australian sign language so she signed up for that basketball tournament. Thank goodness for language barriers ;) Such an honour to do an engagement session for a couple from so far away. I promise that there are images where you can see their faces and I'll share those one day ;) I just have been teaching a class lately with a group of ladies who are a bit obsessed with silhouettes and flare. Funny how your students can inspire you. That is probably the best part about teaching. I hope they approve ;)

~ Dana